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15 March
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I like to read and write fan fic perhaps just a bit too much. I love sci-fi and fantasy and am obsessed with writing. I also have the tendency to ramble and bitch a lot, just as fair warning. I work full time and come home to my loving partner and our two demonspawn children and house full of animals. My other interests include: historical linguistics, archeology, cultural histories, writing stories other than fan fic, making videos (though it's been a while) and random other things that catch my fancy. Oh yeah, and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Never enough chocolate.

Any and all of these, plus possibly more, are fair game when it comes to posts - sorry.

Feel free to friend me without asking. I do, however, reserve the right to block/delete/curse/whatever you should you start flaming and being overly offensive... as soon as I can figure out how. Here's a general run down on my friending policy if you are interested.

I am pretty open to all things pod fic, translations, or art-related, though I request you ask about remixes due to some past plagiarism issues. Link to brief post on that is here.

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