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SGA - Better Than...

This was in my head. Erm, sorry?

Title: Better Than...
Genre: SGA, Team, OT4
Length: 500 words
Rating: Probably R
Season/Spoilers: Ronon’s in it.
Synopsis: “Please say there’s more,” he pleaded.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, people with a lot of money do. I’m just borrowing them to play and making no profit from the experience.


“Mmm,” she moaned contentedly, licking another swipe, letting the liquid pool in her mouth before slowly swallowing. She ran her tongue across her lips, seeking to savor ever last drop before sighing happily.

“I’m assuming that means you like it?” Sheppard guessed, his voice about an octave higher than usual. He cleared his throat and glared at the playful smile he received in return.

“Oh, yes,” Teyla breathed, diving in for more.

He adjusted his perch on the chair, daring for commentary, as he listened to the appreciative noises she made, marveling at how she was able to do so with her mouth full. He watched as a lone drop dribbled down her chin. She paused, her attention wavering, until she finally swiped at it with her finger and licked that off as well.

Behind him, he heard a low growl. “What’s it called again?” Ronon demanded.

“A Magnum bar,” Rodney said helpfully. He sat across from John, breathing hitched and pupils blown wide open. “Specifically, this one is dark chocolate ice cream, covered in a dark chocolate ganache, with a chocolate shell.”

Satisfied he was not the only one caught up in the show, Sheppard commented, “A triple threat then?”

Rodney’s smirk said it all, but he licked his lips and sighed, “Oh, yeah.”

The growl was back, nearly drowned out by the scrape of a chair across the balcony and the thud as Ronon sat down heavily. “Please say there’s more,” he pleaded.

“Secret shipment,” McKay confirmed. The smirk grew more prominent as he added, “You better have something good to trade because, really, not much can compete with this.” He gestured towards Teyla and the show she was putting on. She simply rolled her eyes and looked like she would flip him off, had she known what it meant.

“Elizabeth told me chocolate can be more enjoyable than many other options,” she commented with a sly smile, carefully cataloging their reactions. “I now understand her meaning.” She swirled her tongue around the confection once more before standing.

“Where are you going?” Rodney asked in a voice even higher than John’s had been earlier. He shrugged off the looks he received, knowing he had no shame.

She backed towards the door that led to their common room, a place usually reserved solely for their team to provide them some privacy from prying eyes after particularly difficult missions. “To test her theory,” she teased. Then, in a tone as innocent as possible after a truly lewd performance with an ice cream bar, she added, “Do you wish to join me?”

Rodney’s chair nearly fell over as he rushed to stand. “It is the only sound scientific option,” he agreed.

Sheppard rolled his eyes, but was already standing as well, trying to edge out Ronon to be the first to the door. Teyla simply laughed, the ice cream nearing her lips once more as she turned and walked fully into the room, knowing the three others were right behind her.



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