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2016 Writing Roll Call

It's time for the 2016 Roll Call post. Did a fraction of what I used to in the days of old, but whatever - that 85K one totally makes up for it, right? Also only got one bingo over at [community profile] hc_bingo since there is no way I'm finishing one that answers five separate prompts in time.

So, grouping these by fandom, as one does apparently...

Advocate - Sometimes, you need the devil on your side.

Choose Your Battles - Sometimes, the bad guys are really dumb.

Held - She never wants to eat another Lunchable again. Also, freedom would be nice.

Interim - Between the end and the next beginning, there's time to get lost in thought.

Kick 'em Hard - Darcy Lewis is a (mostly) self-rescuing princess who really likes her new toy.

Lifeline - She had saved him enough times, now it was his turn.

Recharge - Sometimes, you need to rest to prepare yourself for what's to come. Sometimes, you need to rest to know where you've already been.

Seriously - She takes very little seriously in a life filled with aliens and super heroes, but she might just make an exception for a guy with some serious PTSD issues that reminds her of someone else she knows far too well. [Crossover with The Sentinel.]

Situational Awareness - She may have, possibly, been in a tiny bar fight. She may have, possibly, found more than a single mother hen post-fight.

Series - Marked
Matched Set - Legend had it that any time two souls were destined to walk the same path, no matter how brief, they left a mark as indelible as time in their wake. Darcy never put much faith in legends.
Asset Acquired - Soulbonds take a little time to adjust to, especially when they involve incredibly stubborn people. Trying to find their way would be so much easier if others didn't interrupt with plans of their own.

Pasts and Tomorrows - He’s had plenty of both, really.

Stargate: Atlantis
Blue - It's more than just the sky.

Stranger Things
Still Pretty - There was no one around to challenge the claim, and so she was going to repeat the words until she believed them again.

Not too bad.

Now to getting around to finishing that one and posting the one that's pretty much been done for ages but I totally forgot to post.

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